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Bleach Family Feud questions


Bleach Family Feud requested by ichiruki4evs. :)

In the Family Feud game show, contestants try to guess what the most popular answers to a series of questions would be. The popularity of the answers is determined by a survey of a 100 people - each answer is assigned points based on how many people surveyed gave that answer. So let’s say that this game existed in the Bleachverse. What questions might be asked, and what would be the most popular answers given by a poll of 100 Bleach characters?

1. What do you do when you face an enemy more powerful than you?

Fight - 47

Go into bankai - 16

Lose a limb - 11

Wait for Kurosaki Ichigo - 9

Call for Kurosaki Ichigo - 5 

Die - 4

Develop new powers - 2

2. Name the most important thing to have in battle.

Strength - 28

Determination - 25

A weapon - 23 

Luck - 13

Information / a plan - 5

Fear - 2

3. Name somebody you would not want at your birthday party.

Aizen - 37

Gin - 26

Kurotsuchi - 18

Szayel - 9

Aaroniero - 5

Kon - 3

4. Name the worst thing to be wearing when your picture is taken.

Nothing - 73

Underwear - 22

An ugly hat - 3

5. Name some of Kurosaki Ichigo’s powers.

Shinigami - 63

Hollow - 15

Quincy - 12  

Visored - 8

Fullbringer - 2

6. Finish the thought: “Quincy are ____.”

Evil - 44

Righteous - 42

German - 11

7. In a fight, you either win or you ____?

Die - 53

Lose - 36

Get executed - 4

Win - 2

8. Complete the thought: “The captain’s robe is ___”

Cheap - 33

A bother - 33

Stylish - 33

9. What is the best motivation for battle?

Survival - 33

Protecting friends - 25

Honor / Duty - 21

Fun - 14

Revenge - 5

10. What is the manliest fruit?

Strawberry - 91

Pineapple - 3

Banana - 3



Actually it`s my favorite gif of Christmas ;D

Why doesn’t it have more notes?



Actually it`s my favorite gif of Christmas ;D

Why doesn’t it have more notes?


Fan Challenge: Ten Character Deaths [2/10]: Theoden

The old king smiled. ‘Grieve not! It is forgiven. Great heart will not be denied. Live now in blessedness, and when you sit in peace with your pipe, think of me!’

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Bofur’s song in Rivendell “Man in the Moon”

If Bleach characters met characters from Ancient Greece…


Bleach / ancient world requested by rocktigerlilly. :)

Usually in my crossover series, Bleach characters meet characters from other fictional worlds. This will be a little different. Bleach characters are about to have conversations with actual historical figures from Ancient Greece (aka, what this blogger studies). I’d apologize for the extreme nerdiness of this post…except it was a lot of fun and I’m not sorry!

…But I did include a little in-post cheat sheet. I hope it helps!

1. Alcibiades and Aizen

Alcibiades: Think: Rich handsome playboy who can get away with literally anything.

Alcibiades: I switched sides a few times myself, you know. I was with Athens. Then I defected to Sparta. Then after that whole incident with the Spartan queen, I went to Persia. Then, after all that, Athens invited me back!

Alcibiades: Because basically nobody can resist me, no matter what I do.

Aizen: …why do I have this overwhelming desire to embrace you?

Alcibiades: I just have that effect on people.

2. Leonidas and Kenpachi

Leonidas: The Spartan king from the movie 300

Leonidas: For days I and my 300 Spartans held the pass against thousands of Persians.

Leonidas: Because overwhelming odds and certain death mean nothing to a Spartan!

Kenpachi: Wow! You’d definitely be in Squad 11 if you were dead in the Bleachverse.

Kenpachi: So, wanna fight?

Leonidas: A Spartan never backs down from a military challenge!

Kenpachi: I freakin’ love Spartans!

3. Themistocles and Ishida

Themisticles: Super clever Athenian general. Also fought Persians.

Themistocles: See, Leonidas and I, we both faced thousands of Persians in a battle we shouldn’t win. We both had the brilliant idea of luring them into a narrow space. The difference was, I was successful, whereas Leonidas and all of his men were slaughtered.

Ishida: What made the differnce?

Themistocles: Oh, you know. I had an actual plan. I didn’t just launch myself at the enemy and try to hack them to pieces. Spartans.

Ishida: OMG I know! I always have plans! But nobody ever listens!

Themistocles: Have you tried faking an oracle?

Ishida: What?

Themistocles: What?

4. Herodotus and Ichigo

Herodotus: Think ancient travel writer who really just wanted to tell tall tales.

Ichigo: Um…why are you staring at me?

Herodotus: I’m a travel writer! I’m observing you for my book.

Herodotus: So I heard that in your tribe, eligible males prove their virility by plunging a spear into a box filled with fruit juice in order to impress the females!

Ichigo: Um no this is a juice box and I use the straw to drink the juice because juice is delicious.


Herodotus: Naw I think I’ll go with the more interesting story, thanks.


5. Thucydides and Ichigo

Thucydides: Historian obsessed with facts. And also speeches. So many speeches.

Ichigo: Um, why are YOU staring at me?

Thucydides: I’m a historian. Can I interview you for my book?

Ichigo: Um, sure…

Thucydides: Great! So, the Quincy leader made a speech (I happen to have it right here) about how you shinigami deserve to die? Care to make a lengthy rebuttal?

Ichigo: The Quincy invaded Soul Society. I’m going to protect my friends. That’s all.

Thucydides: I see. Thank you. I should be able to fill in the holes and get a five-page speech out of that!

Ichigo: …who would want to read a five-page speech?

Thucydides: EVERYBODY

6. Aristotle and Rukia

Aristotle: Philosopher. Liked to categorize things.

Aristotle: So your world is divided into four races: shinigami, Quincy, hollow, and human.

Rukia (holding up helpful bunny drawings): [nods]

Aristotle: And shinigami and Quincy are opposites, as are human and hollow?

Rukia: [nods]

Aristotle: And you are a shinigami?

Rukia: [nods]

Aristotle: And what about the grumpy orange-haired fellow who doesn’t seem to like your drawings for some reason?

Rukia: Oh! Well he’s a human but he has shinigami powers also…

Aristotle: [twitches]

Rukia: …and he has hollow powers that are blended together with the shinigami powers…

Aristotle: [twitches]

Rukia: …and Quincy powers that have manifested in the form of a zanpakuto, even though that’s a shinigami weapon…

Aristotle: [twitches]

Rukia: …but basically he’s human!


Aristotle: Fuck this I’m going back to Ancient Greece.

7. Plato and Rose

Plato: Super-conservative philosopher. Had lots of ideas about what made an ideal state.

Plato: In my ideal city, all poets are banned. Because poets are all immoral lying bastards.

Plato: And poetry is dumb.


Rose: Izuru, please cut off this guy’s head.

Kira: Yes, captain.


8. Socrates and Lisa

Socrates: Philosopher who liked to teach through rhetorical questions.

Socrates: Would you like to have a conversation about beauty?

Lisa: Nah, I’m good reading porn, thanks.


Socrates: Do you think that what is beautiful is superior to what is not beautiful?

Lisa: I think naked men are beautiful. I’d like to get back to that.

Socrates: Ah! Do you think they are beautiful because of their bodies, or because of their minds?


Lisa: Yeah….I’m just going to poke you with this stick until you leave.


Socrates: The youths here don’t even NEED to be corrupted.